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Salvation Army Holds Rummage Sale

By Mya McNew Mar 26, 2024

The Grant County Salvation Army held their rummage sale Friday and Saturday, March 22-23, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lieutenant Michaela Lendt, head advisor of the Salvation Army in Grant County, said all the proceeds from the sale go to a few different places.

“All the proceeds go to world services, which is the work the Salvation Army does all around the
globe,” Lt. Lendt said.

Lendt said the proceeds also go to programs like adult and children’s discipleship ministries that they have in Grant County.

“We can take these funds and put it into discipling people and supporting missions around the world,” Lendt said.

Kathy Walters, an active member of the Salvation Army since 2009 and a coordinator of the rummage sale, expressed the joy she has when holding events like this.

“The first two hours on Friday were wall to wall of people, which is wonderful,” Walters said.

Joy Baillie, a retired Salvation Army officer and coordinator of the rummage sale, said she spends her free time volunteering for the Salvation Army and teaching Sunday school for adults.

“We have a heart for people,” Baillie said, “It’s like heart to God, hand to man.”

Baillie said the Salvation army voluunteers also look at the rummage sale as a time to minister and encourage people.

“We try to make this a happy place for people and keep our prices low because we know there are people who depend on us,” Baillie said.

The Grant County Salvation Army serves roughly 10,000 residents each year with items like food, rent, utility, transportation, and many other things.

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