Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Obi’s Barbecue, located in Marion, IN, has been voted Grant County’s Greatest BBQ. Obi’s isn’t only known for the great food and community, but also the live music. 

Owner Jeff Richardson won Grant County Economic Growth Council’s “Community Pitch Night” in the fall of 2019. This win launched the aspirations of Obi’s as a family-run local restaurant and food truck.

“I entered a contest to put a business in this place, and it was Shark Tank-style where I put a presentation on in front of 200 people, a panel of five judges, and I ended up winning the grand prize, which let me open up the business here,” Richardson said. “We are family-owned and run. With people that we hire, they all become family, so it’s comforting.”

Local artists across Grant County can reach out to Obi’s via Facebook or email for live music performance opportunities. 

“Ever since we opened, we [have] always wanted to have music in here. My wife and I love live music,” Richardson said. “[The artists] approach us. They know we like having live music in here. We get several emails a week about people wanting to play here.”

The Richardsons have always wanted to host live music because of their passion for music and community. Although it doesn’t always bring in more customers, the live music creates a place of smiles and a good time.

“Especially when we find artists that we like, it’s enjoyable for us,” Richardson said.

Singer-songwriter Tony Hopkins has been playing live at Obi’s for about a year now. These weekly live events have allowed him to grow since moving from Bloomington to Marion. 

“They were the first ones in this area to give me a chance,” Hopkins said. “Obi’s has been my main place to play.”

When Hopkins first moved, he reached out to Obi’s to play live one night when they had a cancellation.

“Jeff and Michelle, the owners, aren’t just really nice people; they are devoted and hard workers,” Hopkins said. “Just the entire business itself and the way it’s run, I have a lot of respect for.”

Obi’s Barbecue continues to host live artists on Wednesday and Saturday nights and stays involved with the Grant County community.

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