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Mayor Morrell Initiates ‘Street Sign Citizen’s Task Force’

By Emily Bontrager Feb 6, 2024

As part of the Clean City 2.0 initiative, the city of Marion has introduced an email system where
citizens can report damaged or missing street signs to be fixed.

“Over the course of my life in Marion, and really as long as Marion has existed we haven’t really
been doing an initiative or focused on making sure our street signs are legible and clear,” said
Mayor Ronald Morrell Jr.

The initiative, called ‘Street Sign Citizen’s Task Force’ will focus on replacing signs that pose a
public safety concern. Marion residents are encouraged to report any damaged or missing signs
to the task force at

Deputy Chief of Patrol Services, Chris Butche, said that missing and faded street signs make it
difficult for police to respond to calls, especially for new officers.

“Our patrol officers are actively reporting street signs that are not readable,” said Butche. “We
have been aggressive with it starting Jan 1.”

Out of the 105 signs that have been reported so far, most reports have come from the police.

“The police department are getting on board, which is really nice because they’re out traveling
the streets all day long,” said Director of Engineering and Planning, Mike Graft. “They get to a
call, and you know, they may be looking up trying to see what intersection they’re at and see that
it’s gone.”

The Street Sign Citizen’s Task Force is the first project in Mayor Morrell’s ‘Clean City 2.0’ plan.

“Street signs is something that we could do immediately and make a large impact on, so that’s
why we moved to that first,” said Morrell.

The new administration also plans to organize city-wide cleaning days and tearing down old
buildings when the weather permits.

“What my goal is now is to have something once a month where the whole entire city just buys
in and gets it cleaned up,” said Morrell. “So right now, I know from this first initiative that
people are ready, and they’re excited to buy into something.”

The new signs will feature a black and white design with the hundred block and city flower.

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