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Grant County Organizations Trying to Lower Food Insecurity

By Andrew Scalf Apr 10, 2024

Grant County stands at a nearly 14% food insecurity rate with over 9,000 people going hungry, according to

Overall, Indiana ranks among the lowest when it comes to hunger issues across various statistics. World Population Review places Indiana 46th in food security.

“It’s more widespread than most of us would think,” Ashley Shirley, executive director of Thriving Grant County in Mill Township, said.

Thriving Grant County looks at food insecurity, childhood care, and financial wellness.

“We try to bring in those interested in the community to look at the issues and how to address disparities in access for families,” Shirley said.

Thriving Grant County conducted a survey in 2021 looking at food security and other statistics. Sixty eight percent of surveyors fell into low food security with 43% saying they cut meals due to a lack of money.

Shirley said they found not all who fall into low food security are in poverty. Some have higher paying jobs that disqualify them from certain benefits.

Jeremy Moore, the spiritual coordinator for the Grant County Rescue Mission, said he sees people come in everyday for their meals.

“We offer three meals a day, seven days a week,” Moore said, “We’ll serve for our residents that are here, and then we’ll open it up to the public after about a half hour.”

The Rescue Mission offers more than food as it also provides housing, classes, and support for those struggling in Grant County.

“We are trying to honor God in everything that we do with what we’re given and try to use that to the best of our ability to help the people we are serving,” Moore said.

The Community Foundation, the Salvation Army, St Martins and the Kennedy Art Center are all organizations in Grant County who provide aid for those in need. Other stores and churches also work together for provide support.

Shirley said the best way for people to get involved and help is by giving time, money, or spreading awareness.

“This is the community we live in, and we know it could be better,” Moore said. “We just want to try and do that part. And the biggest thing is about relationships. Knowing people.”

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